Amish Scooters at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Uncle and Aaron were at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on June 12, 2016 selling Amish scooters. Running the booth was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot as this was our first time for selling the scooters and for selling at a flea market in general. Our first day went well, and we plan on continuing. Many folks asked us if we would be back to sell at the Rose Bowl again? As of now, we are planning on returning in July. As long as we can get a space that works for us then we will be there. 


We are also hoping to get a dedicated website for the scooters. There you will be able to buy a scooter and have it shipped directly to your door from the factory. Keep checking for updates on this project. To all who expressed interest at the Rose Bowl, and signed up for our email list, thank you. 

Apologies to listeners of the podcast for our lack of content this past week. It has been incredibly busy with all of this scooter business. We plan on recording very soon to tell you more about what we have been up to as of late. So be sure to listen and describe (subscribe) to the show on your favorite pod catcher. 

-Aaron Franz