Amish Scooters in Southern California, The Saga Continues

16" model in maroon, by Groffdale Machine Co.


Thank you to everyone who has come to this site that met us at the July Rose Bowl flea market. It was our second month at the market selling Amish scooters. Sadly, July did not turn out to be a good month for us and we have had to take a step back and regroup. We won't be attending the Rose Bowl again, but we hope to try other markets in LA and Orange County. 

For anyone seriously interested in purchasing a scooter please get ahold of us. We will be able to get you a good deal, and can deliver the scooter free of charge if you live in LA or Orange County. Send an email to this address: contact (at)

We are also selling the scooters via Craigslist. You can find our posts here: 12" children's model, 16" model24"x20" model 

If you desire one of these scooters we really hope to hear from you. Our initial idea was to get a website set up to sell these scooters, but it is looking like the folks at the factory don't want another website selling these scooters. At least not at the moment. In all honesty you can find the other sites that sell these scooters now, but I can promise that if you buy a scooter from us then we can get it to you far cheaper than any website after its shipping costs. Feel free to do some wheeling and dealing with us. Just send an email, and we will be able to get you riding one of these scooters in no time.

These scooters really are great, and I would love to see them catch on out here in California. Riding on the beach path, around town, or to the store are all great things to do by scooter. Please keep checking into this website to follow our continued scooter adventures. You may want to listen to Uncle (the podcast) while you're at it, and listen to Uncle and Aaron talk about the scooters and much more. 


-Aaron Franz