Applause GDSI door to door fundraiser is a SCAM

I am writing this post as a public service announcement to let people know not to give money to anyone who comes to your door raising funds for anything using the company name "Applause" or "GDSI". 


I just had a young man stop by my house claiming to be a UCI student who was doing a project for a public speaking class. He was trying to get me to give money to a fundraiser. The details of this fundraiser were confusing to say the least, and the paperwork that was supposed to show the details of this fundraiser were not making anything clearer. It was an old and tattered list of things that I could barely understand. Had this been a real fundraiser there would have been a bright new pamphlet handed to me immediately. It may be that there are better scammers out there using better fake fliers though, so be careful with any sort of door to door solicitation. 

I humored the man by asking who to write a check out to. He waited outside as I went upstairs to look up any info on the given company name of "Applause". After a bit of looking I saw a message board explaining that it was a scam. I then went downstairs and asked the man to show me his UCI identification card. He gave me an excuse as to why he had no such card. I asked him to leave. He didn't want to leave so things escalated a bit. I raised my voice and told him that I would call the police if he didn't leave. As he got to the sidewalk in front of my home he called me a "f----t". I got angry and yelled at him, and he tried to provoke me hoping that I would assault him. I was not about to fall for this trick, and contented myself to screaming at the top of my lungs and then going in to call the the authorities. He stayed standing at a corner near my home as I called the local police. The police came soon and had him leave the area. 

So, if someone comes to your door with a strange fundraiser and gives you either company name of "Applause" or "GDSI" then politely ask them to leave. You can also go to which is a website of the BBB. There you can look up charities to see if they are legitimate or not. 


-Aaron Franz