How To Listen To The Podcast

This is a quick tutorial for anyone who wants to listen to our podcast, but doesn't know what to do or where to start. Hopefully this article will be helpful for all of you who are new to podcast listening. There are many ways you can go about listening to our show, so here is a quick list. 


  1. Listen direct from this website using the embedded media player.
  2. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes with a computer.
  3. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes with a phone or tablet.
  4. Subscribe to the podcast using another podcast app on a phone or tablet. 
  5. Other methods to listen to podcasts.



1. Listening direct from our website is very easy. All you have to do is click on a podcast episode article. There is a "PODCAST" tab in the navigation bar at the top of this site. This will take you to a list of all of our episodes that show up as links to articles. Click on an article link to open up a podcast episode article. There will be a player embedded which will allow you to play and pause that particular episode. It will look like this,

podcast player

The yellow arrow next to our logo is a play button. Press it to begin the episode. Once pressed the play button will turn into a pause button that may be used to pause the episode. If you want to download the episode just press the little down arrow graphic within the player. 

An alternative to the player is to click on the "listen to / download this show" link above the player which will open up a new window. From there another player will open and begin playing automatically. You can right click, or control click (Macs) on this link and choose "download linked file" to save the episode to your computer. The file will play in most media players.

You can also click the links to the various apps that our podcast is available on. There are graphic links to these right next to our social media graphic links at the top right of this site. In case you have trouble finding them, here they are again:    Click on these to find our show on these apps (iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, Tunein). You should be able to play the episodes directly from each app's page here. So you won't be direct on our website anymore, but hopefully you will easily be able to listen by following our links. 




2. Subscribe on iTunes with a computer. First, be sure that you have the iTunes application installed. On Macs it comes included. The app is free to install on any other computer. Open the iTunes app and be sure to click on the "Store" tab, which is located in the top center of the iTunes window. 

iTunes store button


By clicking the "Store" tab you will be taken to the iTunes Store. Here you will see graphics for different music you can purchase. What you want to do is listen to podcasts for free, which is easy. Look in the top left of the iTunes window. There will by a small tab with the word "Music" in it. Click on it to expand the tab. If you see a link to "Podcasts" then click it. If not then click where it says "Edit Menu". There you will be able to check a box on "Podcasts". After checking the box click "Done". Then click on "Music" again and you will see "Podcasts" as an option to click. Click it.

iTunes Podcasts

Just click where it says "Podcasts"


 Now you will see more graphics, but instead of albums and musicians you will be seeing podcast logos. You are getting close! To find our show simply look in the top right of the iTunes window. There you will see a search box. Just type in "uncle the podcast" in that box and press enter on your keyboard. 

search for podcasts

Almost there. You will now see more podcast logos. What you are looking for is ours. It is the one with Uncle's face on it with bold type that says "Uncle". Here is a screen shot of it. Find it along the bottom here. If your search results vary slightly, just look around where it says "Podcasts" as we should be there. 

iTunes Store Podcasts

 See our logo here? Click on it!


Click on our logo to be taken to our podcast. When you get there you will see a list of all our episodes. When you mouse over an episode a play button will appear. Press play to start the episode of your choice. But even better than playing is subscribing. The "Subscribe" button is just beneath our logo on this page. Press "Subscribe" and iTunes will download each new episode of Uncle (the podcast) as they are published. This way you can simply open up iTunes and play episodes of our show. 

Uncle the podcast


 Now you may get out of the iTunes store, and go to your own library within the iTunes app to listen to the shows. Just click on the "Library" button at the top near the "Store" button. If you are subscribed just click on the "Podcasts" tab anytime you want to check out what episodes have been downloaded. 




3. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes with a phone or tablet. This is very easy if you have an iPhone or iPad, because the iTunes Podcasts app is built in. Just find the app logo which looks like this,


Podcasts app icon. Just click on it to open the Podcasts app


There is a search button in the bottom right of the screen click on it and then type in the search box at the top of the screen "uncle the podcast".

podcast search

See the purple search button here? Press it.


search for podcasts

Type in the search dialog box


Hit the blue "Search" button at the bottom right to begin the search. Our logo should now appear in the "Podcasts" area of the screen. Click on the logo to be taken to our show. 

podcasts search

the search brought up the link to our show


Once on our show's page you will be able to subscribe using the "Subscribe" button at the top of the screen. This is next to our logo and show title. By subscribing the Podcasts app will download any new episodes as they are published.

podcast episodes list

be sure to press the subscribe button


To listen to the show just open up the Podcast app and click on the "My Podcasts" button on the bottom of the screen. There you will see our logo again. When you click on it you will see a list of the episodes available. Click on an episode's title to begin playing. A small play/pause button will be at the bottom of the screen with the episode's title right next to it. 

podcast iTunes screen

The play button is the little purple arrow near the bottom on the left


Congratulations, you are now listening to Uncle (the podcast) on iTunes with a mobile device. Would you prefer to give Apple the middle finger and use another podcast app to listen instead? Read on...



4. Subscribe to the podcast using another podcast app on a phone or tablet. To do this you will need to find a podcast app to install. Our show is on Stitcher Radio, Google Play, Tunein, and other podcast apps. We should be on most apps, but not all. If your device has a particular podcast app preinstalled then open it up and run a search for our show. If we aren't there just download one of the apps listed, or give another one a try to see if it works. 

Once you have your podcast app installed, open it and look for a way to run a search. Podcast apps are all very similar, but not identical. They will all have some way to search for shows. Usually a search button will be prominent somewhere in the main part of the home screen. Run a search for "uncle the podcast", and our show will show up if the app does carry it. Click on our show logo when you see it. This will pull up our page where you will be able to subscribe and listen to episodes. Be sure to hit "Subscribe" so that the app downloads each new episode as it is published. The app should let you listen to each episode individually without  subscribing too. 


5. Other methods to listen to podcasts. There are many ways to listen to podcasts now. Media is converging in many ways. Televisions, phones and computers are quickly merging into singular devices. The podcast has come to prominence as a medium in the midst of this, and so you will find that the apps that allow you to listen and subscribe to podcasts are available on many different platforms. 

Smart TVs sometimes have a podcast feature. See if you can find a podcast player on your television, and search for Uncle (the podcast) there. 

There are many external devices that are more or less designed to turn any TV into a smart TV. Apple TV is a prime example, and it comes equipped with the same Podcast app that you will find on other i devices. Again, if you have one of these gadgets just play around with it to see if it has a podcast feature. 

BMW added the Stitcher Radio app to their cars. The interface works on the dashboard screens. This is a good example of the variety of places you can find podcast apps now. 

As time goes on podcasts are likely to become easier to find and listen to as podcast players will be built into more and more things. 





Listening to podcasts is very easy, but it can be tough to know how to start if you have never listened before. Basically, you need to get a podcast app on your computer, phone, tablet, or even smart TV. Once you open the app, just run a search for "uncle the podcast" and you should be able to find our show. Be sure to subscribe to get automatic downloads when each new episode is posted. 

Hopefully this article has been helpful to anyone who wants to listen to the podcast, but doesn't know how. If you have any questions send an email to: contact (at) unclethepodcast (dot) com