Amish Scooters in Southern California, The Saga Continues

16" model in maroon, by Groffdale Machine Co.


Thank you to everyone who has come to this site that met us at the July Rose Bowl flea market. It was our second month at the market selling Amish scooters. Sadly, July did not turn out to be a good month for us and we have had to take a step back and regroup. We won't be attending the Rose Bowl again, but we hope to try other markets in LA and Orange County. 

For anyone seriously interested in purchasing a scooter please get ahold of us. We will be able to get you a good deal, and can deliver the scooter free of charge if you live in LA or Orange County. Send an email to this address: contact (at)

We are also selling the scooters via Craigslist. You can find our posts here: 12" children's model, 16" model24"x20" model 

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Amish Scooters at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Uncle and Aaron were at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on June 12, 2016 selling Amish scooters. Running the booth was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot as this was our first time for selling the scooters and for selling at a flea market in general. Our first day went well, and we plan on continuing. Many folks asked us if we would be back to sell at the Rose Bowl again? As of now, we are planning on returning in July. As long as we can get a space that works for us then we will be there. 

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Come see us at the Rose Bowl Flea Market Sun. July 10th, 2016

Our booth is in space 309 of the Blue section. Go left at main entrance and start circling the stadium.


Uncle and Aaron are returning to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena to sell Amish scooters. We had a lot of fun last month, and look forward to returning this time. If you happened to catch us in June, then be sure to note that we are in a different booth now. Our space is 309 in the Blue section. All you have to do is walk in the main gate, take a left, and walk around the stadium until you see our booth on the left side. 


Whether you are a fan of the podcast, a potential scooter buyer, or just a random person stopping by we look forward to talking to you this Sunday. 


-Aaron Franz