Cooley Digital 5.0 interview, Utp#079

 Cooley Digitalvideo still of Cooley Digital, circa 2001


Cooley Digital 5.0 is Aaron's old friend from Ohio. Here, he gets to meet Uncle and tell him all about demolition derby, the Wustang, and who Mop Top is. 


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topics include: Cooley Digital 5.0, Ohio, old videos, Wustang, demolition derby, teal trailer, snow in OH, Wutang, fires, Moptop, the Green Man, beer review, Facebook page, social media, ADDTV part 2, monster trucks, Grave Digger, Uncle Kracker, Minor Infractions, Jake the Snake from Peter Lake, favorite wrestlers, Chapman University, Berger’s Garage


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watch this old video of Cooley to see his teal trailer, the Wustang and more.


Musical Accompaniment

Good To Be Me, by Uncle Kracker