Bum Wine Bob, interview and MD 20/20 Wine Review, Utp#080

Mad Dog Electric Melon 

Bum Wine Bob is the guest on this episode of Uncle (the podcast). One of Bob's favorite bum wines is MD 20/20, and so he brings it along on the show to review with Uncle and Aaron. Listen to Bumming With Bobcat to hear more of Bob's analysis of this much maligned niche of the wine world. 


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topics include: Bum Wine Bob, Bumming With Bobcat, bum wine, malt liquor, bottom shelf drinks, MD 20/20 Electric Melon, wine review, lemonade, marketing to youth, Steel Reserve, saving drinks for podcast recordings, homeless drinking patterns, coffee beers and wines, hard liquor, scotch whiskey, podcasting, craft beer, 40oz, aged bum wine, Bum Wine Concoctions, objective wine tasting, BWB opening theme song


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