Amish Scooters - currently available from our store

At the moment, we only have one adult sized Amish scooter left. If you are interested in getting another model than please contact us at this email address (contact at unclethepodcast dot com) We want to get a new shipment of scooters in, and are just waiting on interest from potential customers. Please reach out, and we can get you a good deal on an awesome scooter. 

There are also 2 different colored children's models now available from Aaron's eBay page.


24x20 Aluminum model Amish Scooter (note: this scooter does not include kickstand)


Aluminum Amish scooters

models currently available: 24"x 20"

aluminum scooters are all silver


The aluminum model scooters are just like their steel companions, but made of light weight aluminum. The 24"x20" aluminum model is seven pounds lighter than the steel framed version. These are easier to push around, and will come in handy for anyone planning on riding longer distances, or using the scooter for genuine transportation. Their plain metal finish is also very sleek, and reminiscent of the famous Delorean car from the early 80s. 

-does not include kickstand

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ADDTV - DVD video by Aaron Franz - buy it for $4.99


ADDTV was a cable access television show that Aaron produced. It ran on channel 21 in Columbus, Ohio from 2000-2003. This is a 45 minute long video, which is essentially the feature version and culmination of the show. In 2007 Aaron released this video and sold these DVD versions of it. It has been awhile since it has been available for sale, but now it is back. Your purchase helps support Uncle (the podcast). 


ADDTV - DVD video - $4.99 plus shipping

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