ADDTV - DVD video by Aaron Franz - buy it for $4.99


ADDTV was a cable access television show that Aaron produced. It ran on channel 21 in Columbus, Ohio from 2000-2003. This is a 45 minute long video, which is essentially the feature version and culmination of the show. In 2007 Aaron released this video and sold these DVD versions of it. It has been awhile since it has been available for sale, but now it is back. Your purchase helps support Uncle (the podcast). 


ADDTV - DVD video - $4.99 plus shipping

ADDTV is a documentary style comedy the likes of which you have never seen before. It is similar to Jackass, skateboard videos, and The Tom Green Show, but it remains unique. 

Description from back of DVD case: 

Are you bored with television? Had enough of so called "reality" TV? Tired of constant advertisements? It's high time you watched ADDTV - the DVD that puts reality shows to shame. You'll go deep into the heart of Ohio, and see what life is like in the capital city of Columbus.

Be there for the riots that shook the Ohio State campus, follow the real life drama of everyone's favorite neighbor Steve, and fight for justice alongside vigilante hero Manbat. There's too much craziness to mention! ADDTV is more than a DVD - it is our lives.

DVD extra features (over a half hour of bonus material)

-original web episodes

-deleted scenes

-vintage footage from the vault

-and much more

front cover of DVD

back cover of DVD