Amish Scooters - currently available from our store

At the moment, we only have one adult sized Amish scooter left. If you are interested in getting another model than please contact us at this email address (contact at unclethepodcast dot com) We want to get a new shipment of scooters in, and are just waiting on interest from potential customers. Please reach out, and we can get you a good deal on an awesome scooter. 

There are also 2 different colored children's models now available from Aaron's eBay page.


24x20 Aluminum model Amish Scooter (note: this scooter does not include kickstand)


Aluminum Amish scooters

models currently available: 24"x 20"

aluminum scooters are all silver


The aluminum model scooters are just like their steel companions, but made of light weight aluminum. The 24"x20" aluminum model is seven pounds lighter than the steel framed version. These are easier to push around, and will come in handy for anyone planning on riding longer distances, or using the scooter for genuine transportation. Their plain metal finish is also very sleek, and reminiscent of the famous Delorean car from the early 80s. 

-does not include kickstand



Amish scooters by Groffdale Machine Co.

These kick scooters are made by Amish craftsman in Pennsylvania. The Groffdale Machine Company produces them as well as servicing farm equipment from their shop in Leola, PA. These scooters are basically modified bicycles produced to fit within the rules of the Amish community. They are incredibly unique, and of the highest quality. In the bike world it has become incredibly difficult to find companies that produce bicycles in the US. These scooters are great for the fact that they are American made alone, but there are many other reasons to ride one of these kick scooters. 

You can use your Amish scooter for so many different purposes: fun, exercise, or transportation. Imagine the looks you'll get riding a scooter down the Strand on the coast of LA. Think of the calories you could burn by simply riding around your neighborhood. Realize that quick trips to the grocery store are actually better to do by kick scooter than by car. The feeling you get while riding one of these scooters is invigorating, and different than a bicycle. To be gliding down the road while standing up straight is amazing. The speed that can be attained on these scooters is also impressive, and comparable to a bicycle. Definitely much faster than many would assume. 

Groffdale Machine Co. has several different models of their kick scooters made to fit riders of different ages and sizes. The children's model has a 12" wheel. The smaller adult/young adult model has 16" wheels. There is a middle sized adult/young adult model with 20" wheels, and a full size adult model with a 24" front wheel and 20" rear wheel. 

Aaron and Uncle have been selling these scooters at different outdoor markets in CA, and are now offering them here on our podcast website. Aaron is originally from PA himself, and legitimately loves this product. 

If you live in Southern California, then we may be able to deliver one of these scooters to you free of charge. Send an email inquiry, and we will let you know. Send emails to this address:   contact(at)unclethepodcast(dot)com


All of our scooters come with kickstands attached at no extra cost to you. 

Scooters are shipped partially disassembled. You will need to attach the stem, wheels, kickstand, rear fender, basket, and brake upon delivery. 


Adult scooters include

  • front basket
  • front hand brake, rear foot brake
  • fenders
  • spoked wheels (not made in US), high pressure tires and tubes
  • powder coated finish. (on steel models)


Aluminum scooter info

  • 2420 model is 7 lbs lighter than the standard steel framed model
  • maximum rider weight is 200 lbs
  • silver metal finish with clear coat


childrens' models include

  • solid rubber wheels. Does not require tubes. Will not get flats.
  • no basket